Year 8s explore Silk Road through Inventor's Fair | Aga Khan Academies

Year 8s explore Silk Road through Inventor's Fair

17 January 2020

On 17 January, 2020, AKA Mombasa's Year 8s participated in the annual Inventor's Fair where they showcased various inventions seen in the Silk Road to Year 5s and Year 7s.

Here's what some of our Year 8s had to say about what they learned:

"We had a camel and horse come to the Academy for the Inventor's Fair. The camel and horse represented the modes of transport during the Silk Road when merchants travelled along the various segments of the Silk Road to trade their goods. Back then the merchants believed that camels represented tolerance, endurance and patience, while horses represented wealth." - Arya Noor, Year 8

"For our presentation at the Inventor's Fair we focused on map making because during Silk Road there was no navigation system or technology. The merchants had to create maps so they could travel around and trade easily." - Kyla Kanyagia, Year 8

"The Silk Road was not only a route through which people exchanged goods, but they also exchanged cultures, traditions and ideas, which included the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan. Through my group we discussed the culture of Tajikistan and showcased how some parts of the Tajik culture are related to other cultures." - Muborak Davlatshoeva, Year 8