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Academic Programme

The academic programme of the Aga Khan Academies is both comprehensive and rigorous. It encompasses formal academics as well as global themes (curriculum strands) that are designed to give students the skills to lead in their fields globally and locally.

The Academies' academic programme is organised according to the framework and principles of the globally renowned International Baccalaureate

The academic curriculum is designed to ensure that students' theoretical learning is linked to relevant local and international issues through the focus on the Aga Khan Curricular Strands. Through this process, students are able to develop their understanding of the world alongside analytical skills, an ability to learn independently and the desire to make a difference.

The Academies are in the process of putting in place their dual language programme where English and a national language will both be languages of instruction in the Junior School. The aim is for students throughout the school to be at least bilingual.

Additionally, the programme is designed to equip students with the appropriate technical skills, so they have the opportunity to explore how technology is shaping communities.

Through an active, student-centred approach focused on mastery, the academic programme – along with co-curricular programmes – gives students the skills and ability to pursue a competitive, high-quality, post-secondary education. They are able to become thoughtful, curious, ethical and community-oriented leaders who are prepared to take on the challenges of a complex and interdependent world.