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SRC leadership retreat

25 October 2023

The recent Student Representative Council (SRC) retreat was more than just picturesque landscapes and outdoor fun. It was about our student leaders coming together to learn, grow, and set individual and group goals. During this retreat, the young leaders bonded, honed their teamwork, and charted a calendar of exciting events for the year. But most importantly, the retreat focused on leadership development.

Students learned that effective leadership is about serving, inspiring, and collaborating. It's not about power but influence but about setting a positive example. During the retreat, through several activities and discussions, they were equipped with the skills and mindset they needed to make a difference in the school community.  

“One of the SRC's most remarkable qualities is the unwavering spirit of each new leader, who advocates for their peers,” said SRC female President Sarina Talerico. “This commitment was especially seen during our recent retreat, where we focused on the SRC's core values, objectives, and passion for creating a positive impact. It was clear that every member involved has the potential to be a leader.”

This retreat is a vital tradition, ensuring the student leaders are well-prepared to face the challenges and opportunities ahead. We're not just shaping student leaders; we're shaping a brighter future. The students are ready to show the way and lead by example to make a positive impact.

The Student Representative Council at the Academy stands as a beacon of leadership development, providing students with a platform to actively contribute to their educational environment. Through diverse positions, a democratic election process, and committed leaders, the SRC bridges the gap between students and staff, fostering a sense of responsibility and community within the Academy.