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Living on Campus

Residential life at the Academy complements and extends the academic experience. The residential programme includes a broad selection of activities and leadership opportunities to enhance students’ learning and growth.

The Academy's residential programme officially opened in April 2009. Our student residences have been designed to accommodate students and dorm parents, who are teachers who have been chosen carefully and trained to live in the faculty apartments in the student residences. 

Up to four students share a room. The rooms are spacious with high ceilings and large windows. Facilities include a student lounge with a breathtaking view out to sea and a large-screen television along with laundry facilities.

The Commons building houses the dining hall and an array of spaces for school activities. It is the hub of student activity and serves as the main space for major school functions, including music and drama performances and public lectures.

“The tour of the residential facility gave me a great sense of fulfillment,” said Bernard Dudi, a teacher and dorm parent. “I appreciate the amount of planning and resources and the thoroughness of the execution.”        

Learning beyond the classroom

The culture of the Academy is based on respect, integrity, honesty, fairness, empathy and good humour. Our students, teachers and administrative staff create and sustain this positive learning environment.

The experience of our pluralistic learning community is especially rich for students in residence given the constant interactions among students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.

The focus of the residential programme is on students’ intellectual, social, spiritual and physical growth in a structured and ethical environment. In the words of Aziz Batada, a former dorm parent, “The residential experience allows the typical school day – where the vision of the Aga Khan Academy is continuously being lived – to be extended, and education itself is seen as a part of every moment of an individual's life.”