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Enrichment Programmes

Enrichment programmes enable students to realise their potential in a variety of settings beyond the classroom. Students develop a sense of self-awareness and an understanding of school and community needs and opportunities. They also learn how to apply their gifts and skills to make a positive impact.

At the Academy, we believe in a balanced, rounded, comprehensive school experience. As this includes both academic and co-curricular experiences, we encourage our students to do their best both in and outside the classroom.

We offer outstanding sports facilities that include:

  • Swimming and diving pools
  • Cricket, soccer and hockey pitches
  • Basketball and volleyball areas
  • Tennis and squash courts
  • Dance studio
  • Gymnasium
  • Athletics tracks 

Children with special sporting gifts will be encouraged to develop their talents in every way. Children with special gifts in music, art or drama will similarly be encouraged through opportunities to practise and perform while at the Academy.

Our enrichment programmes are clustered into three main streams, each with a different focus:


Whether through visual or performing arts, this cluster engages students to think creatively and express their identities and thoughts aesthetically. Through theatre, art, music and drama, students learn to work together and infuse their projects with values and lessons from other parts of their schooling. Individual and collaborative creative projects emphasise growth and development through personal challenge, ultimately resulting in achievable personal goals.


The student as a reflective practitioner is a basic tenet of the action cluster. Through physical sport, both competitive and non-competitive, students are challenged in their physical growth, and learn values such as good sportsmanship, teamwork and ethical behaviour. We encourage them to extend themselves by trying different activities and working with teammates to pass on their knowledge. In line with developing the student as a whole, a healthy lifestyle complements and enhances academic achievement.


At the Academy, we encourage knowledge and understanding of humanity and civil society. Through their involvement in citizenship activities, students gain an understanding of the practical implications of their work and study. By collaborating with community groups on sustainable projects, they develop an appreciation for human rights, human dignity and of how their actions impact the world around them.


To learn more about the Academy's programme, please visit the Academic Programme page.