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Welcome to the Aga Khan Academies

The Academies educate future homegrown leaders regardless of socioeconomic background and help improve teaching in the regions where they are located.
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AKA Mombasa senior students studying

Academic Programme

The curriculum focuses on the development of critical thinking and analysis of issues with an emphasis on multicultural understanding and awareness.
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AKA Mombasa senior students


The Academies’ programmes aim to develop students who are ethical, public-minded, and possess a pluralistic outlook, and who will become future leaders of their home countries.
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The Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad - Living on campus

Living on Campus

Residential life at the Academy complements and extends the academic experience and includes a rich array of activities and leadership opportunities to enhance students’ learning and growth.
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The Aga Khan Academy  - Admissions


Admission is competitive and based on merit. This is broadly defined as exceptional intellectual potential, leadership, commitment to learning, strong sense of integrity, and the desire to work towards and instigate positive change.
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Recent news

15 September 2019

Students have already completed the first week of the Exchange Programme at the Aga Khan Academies in Mombasa and Hyderabad. Elizabeth McFarlane, International Exchange Manger, shares her thoughts on the first week.

05 September 2019

The Aga Khan Academies Student Exchange 2019 is fully underway! Over the next three months, 35 students from the Academies in Mombasa and Hyderabad will ‘exchange’ places, beginning a journey of self-disovery in a new environment.

02 September 2019

AKA Mombasa student Raphael Mwachiti was one of three winners in the Ryerson Sandbox Basecamp competition, in which he was awarded a grant of $5,000 CAD.


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