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Academy Campuses

The campus of each Aga Khan Academy is architect designed and purpose built, and features exceptional facilities for all aspects of student life. Each campus is designed by renowned architects and is tailored both to meet the needs of the school and to maximise the potential of the site. 

Site selection and design

Site selection is a complex process that takes into account a number of factors. These include the urban context of the site, accessibility, infrastructure support and options for long-term expansion.

The site must be able to provide an environment that will be conducive to learning and living. It should also have the potential for creating a space that is inspiring and special for those who live, study and visit there.

The design process for an Academy campus takes into account best practices in facility design. This includes construction techniques that allow spaces to be used for multiple purposes, and classroom environments that are conducive to interactive learning.

Extensive facilities

Each Academy includes the following academic and resource areas:

  • age and subject-appropriate classrooms
  • well-equipped science and computer laboratories
  • library and resource centres
  • art and music rooms
  • theatre
  • design and technology workshop
  • multipurpose hall
  • religion and culture room
  • career counselling facility
  • Commons building, which houses the dining hall and an array of spaces for school activities. It is designed to be the hub of student activity, serving as the Academy’s main space for major school functions, including music and drama performances and public lectures.

The sports facilities are extensive and include:

  • swimming pools
  • sports fields, for example for soccer, hockey and athletics
  • gymnasium for indoor sports such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics
  • tennis court, cricket pitch or ice-skating rink, as appropriate.

Residential accommodation

Residential facilities have been designed to accommodate students and dorm parents (teachers who have been selected and trained to live in the faculty apartments in the student residences).

Accommodation is available for Academy community members from both within the country and overseas, as well as those visiting or on exchange from other Academies. Additional teachers' quarters on campus house both resident and visiting faculty along with their families.