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Student Exchange 2019

29 September 2019
This week we will hear from Isbah and Rayyan in Mombasa, who recount how the Garba night made them feel right at home, whilst learning about different elements of their own culture. We also hear from from Mwanapwani and Gakenia in Hyderabad, who took part in a sports competition against a local school.
23 September 2019
In this week's exchange student blog, we hear from Hotep and Shafyna in Hyderabad, who have been particularly fascinated by the natural environment within the AKA Hyderabad campus. In Mombasa, we hear from Ashrith and Sujith, as they share their thoughts on how they enjoyed the enrichment programmes available at their new campus in Mombasa.
15 September 2019
Students have already completed the first week of the Exchange Programme at the Aga Khan Academies in Mombasa and Hyderabad. Elizabeth MacFarlane, International Exchange Manager, shares her thoughts on the first week
07 September 2019

Join our students on their exhange journey by taking a look at our first photo gallery.

05 September 2019
The AKA Student Exchange 2019 is fully underway! Over the next three months, 35 students from our Academies in Mombasa and Hyderabad will ‘exchange’ places, beginning a journey of self-disovery in a new environment. Learn more about how the students' expedition commenced.