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Academy Fellows

With the aim of bringing diverse perspectives and fresh energy to the Aga Khan Academies, a small number of carefully selected recent graduates from well-respected universities are recruited each year to serve as Aga Khan Academy Fellows. 

How can I become part of the Academy Fellow's Programme?

To find out more and submit your application, please visit the AKDN Career Centre 

Applications are now open for opportunities in Kenya, India and Mozambique for 2021

What is the Fellows Programme at the Aga Khan Academies?

Academy Fellows have the opportunity to work with gifted and talented students from diverse ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. Each Academy Fellow will live on campus and serve the student residential programme as a Dorm Parent promoting community life. 

Academy Fellows have a demanding and important role in our community and may be responsible for any of the following, depending on the Fellow’s interests and experiences and the Academy’s needs:

  • Key role as a Dorm Parent in the residential programme, which includes weekday duties and weekend duties.
  • Assistance in a specific curricular area under the mentorship of an experienced master teacher. 
  • Tutoring individual students or study groups.
  • Involvement in the administrative work of departments such as Admissions, Communications or University Counselling.
  • Coaching sports and athletic teams, providing music lessons, SAT prep, artistic pursuits.  

An integral part of the residential programme at the Academy, the Fellows participate actively in and chaperone off campus field trips, engage in the enrichment programmes (sports, arts, ...) and are closely involved in the student leadership development programme, including activities such as Model MUN, TedX etc.

These opportunities are offered at all our Academy campuses: Mombasa, KenyaHyderabad, India and Maputo, Mozambique - Future Academies are planned across Africa, South and Central Asia, and the Middle East.,In which parts of the world can I hope to serve as a Fellow? 

Fellows can indicate a preference when applying. 

Is this a permanent role or can I come just for a few months or a year?

These will be two-year appointments, overlapping so as to assure continuity. Some Academies will consider one year appointments but prefer a longer commitment.

What are we looking for in our Fellows? 

  • Genuine interest and commitment to the mission of the Aga Khan Academies and to the development of young people.
  • A record of excellent academic achievement at a highly respected college or university.
  • A record of significant involvement in residential life, student leadership programming, music, athletic and/or community service during college or university.

The Fellow's programme also provides onsite mentoring and coaching by experienced faculty and staff and an opportunity to experience life in a lively and dynamic school environment. 

Some Fellows may come from the AK Academies’ alumni body and others may decide to pursue a career in teaching or education in general.

Do you want to hear more about the programme?

Click here to read what some of our former Fellow have to say about their experience and see them in action.

To find out more and submit your application, please visit the AKDN Career Centre