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Teacher Resources

The Aga Khan Academies work to develop curriculum units that are relevant to cultural contexts of schools in the developing world. These resources develop students’ understanding of the Aga Khan Curricular Strands – Ethics, Pluralism, Cultures (with an emphasis on Muslim civilisations), Governance and Civil Society, and Economics for Development.

Resources are freely available for schools to download and use for education purposes, with appropriate attribution. We would welcome feedback about your experiences using these resources in your school. If you have comments, ideas for improvements, or would simply like to know more about our work, please send an email to: curriculum@agakhanacademies.org.


The Aga Khan Award for Architecture

AKAA TOK Presentation.pdf

AKAA TOK Teachers Notes.pdf

Treasures of the Silk Routes

MYP unit planner – Treasures of the Silk Routes (Interdisciplinary Unit Planner) 

MYP lesson materials – Treasures of the Silk Routes (Teacher's Guide)

MYP lesson slides – Treasures of the Silk Routes (Objects from the Aga Khan Museum Collection)