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Community Links

The vision set out by His Highness the Aga Khan is for each Academy to become an integral part of the greater community in which it resides. This value applies not only to the students but also to the teachers at each of the Academies.

This focus comes into play at the admissions stage where potential students are chosen not only for their thirst for knowledge and intellectual merit, but also for having a high level of social awareness. This includes the desire to work towards, and instigate, positive change and the potential for leadership in community service.

Community service plays a large part in each of the levels of education offered at the Academies, which in turn allows for graduates that are civic minded. In choosing the sites for each school, special attention is paid to not only what the area can offer the students but also what the Academy can offer the community. 

While supporting students in developing an understanding of global issues, the Academies’ educational programmes also reflect great sensitivity to local languages, history, cultures and environment. Each school is committed to inspiring and empowering students to use their gifts for the betterment of humanity.

Creativity, activity, service

In choosing the International Baccalaureate programme, the Aga Khan Academies chose to incorporate the creativity, activity, service (CAS) component.

This integral programme is designed to create global citizens through active participation in and reflection upon experiences gained through a variety of creative endeavours, physical activities and community service projects.

Students develop a greater level of self-confidence, teamwork and leadership skills, and a sense of civic responsibility.They take part in sustainable projects that have real and lasting effects on the greater community. And they develop strength of character and an understanding of their ability to bring about change.

The CAS programme is valued for its power to transform not only the lives of students but also those with whom the students interact.

It also serves as a platform for interpersonal exchange, personal growth and greater understanding of the issues we face as a global community.

For more information of our CAS projects in action, visit our school websites.

Professional development outreach

Emphasis on community outreach and service is extended to the staff at each Academy as well, especially the teaching staff.

Each school will incorporate a Professional Development Centre (PDC), which will promote excellence in teaching on campus and strengthen the profession of teaching in the region as well.

"At the Academy, I feel part of a community. I am active in service projects that are making a real and lasting difference to people. I had no idea how important this would become for me."Senior School student, Aga Khan Academy MombasaThe Academy’s PDC supports excellence in teaching by promoting best practices in teaching and learning and by providing ongoing, collaborative training of Academy faculty as well as teachers and headteachers from neighbouring government, private and not-for-profit schools.

Faculty members are also enriched by opportunities to collaborate with colleagues across the globe and to teach abroad within the Aga Khan Academies network.