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Meet Anum Hossain, one of four new Academy Fellows

24 October 2022

Anum Hossain, from Los Angeles, California, has lived in London for the past three years while pursuing her Graduate degree at the Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS). In addition to working as a behavioural therapist with autistic children, Anum has taught English in Tajikistan and has been a sushi chef!

In her position as an Academy Fellow, Anum hopes to be a source of support, love and kindness for everyone at the Academy. “I truly want to integrate and become an important part of this incredible institution,” she added. 

“I plan to uphold the mission and vision of the Academy by adhering to the Aga Khan Curricular Strands. I want to maintain and encourage others to maintain a strong sense of ethical conduct and embrace pluralism,” Anum expressed. “I want to help, learn from and support my co-workers and the students who attend the Academy so that they can attain the best outcomes.”

Anum’s favourite part about being at the Academy has been meeting new people, the welcoming Academy community and the oceanfront campus. “Thank you for welcoming me so warmly into the Academy family. My door is always open for a chat or if you need anything at all, I will be there.”