Year Six Young Explorers | Aga Khan Academies

Year Six Young Explorers

09 March 2010

It was once said that “Anything worth learning cannot be learned in the classroom.” This certainly was true for the “Awesome Civilizations” unit completed recently by the year 6 group at the Academy. 

These young people had the opportunity to walk in the steps of great explorers from the past. They visited the Gede Ruins, retraced the steps of Vasco Da Gama and listened in awe as story tellers and guides painted verbal images of a bygone era.

Staying at a nearby hotel they were able to go back to base to record observations and download images. The observation point at Gede proved popular as it gave them a spectacular bird’s eye view of the area.

The museums attached to the ruins allowed the children to see ancient artifacts at close quarters. These beautiful and well documented inquiry displays were an invaluable source of knowledge.

One of the highlights of the trip was when the children discovered the unfortunate demise of a whale shark. This sea creature was the unfortunate victim of the local fishermen net. The children were able to examine the whale shark closely.

In the evening the students sat looking at the midnight blue ocean and reflected on the day’s events.

A very memorable expedition.