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Year One Open House 2018

05 February 2018

Every year the Academy invites KG3 parents and their children to the Year 1 Open House. This gives an opportunity for the Junior School students to showcase their talents and leadership, prospective parents an opportunity to find out more about the programmes at the school and for KG3 students to interact with the Academy’s Year1 students in a meaningful way.

Sources of Light: Moon versus Sun Sources of Light: Moon versus SunThe programme began with an assembly led by members of the Student Representative Council. The performances theme centred around the benefits of the dual language and translanguaging programmes, leadership, the Aga Khan strand components of pluralism and cultures, as well as highlighting the holistic education offered at the school.

Beautiful pieces from the choir Beautiful pieces from the choirSome of the choral performances utilized the work that was done by the students during the Arts week. The year 1 students performed a play that showcased some of the concepts that had been learnt during the Unit of Enquiry on Light. A grandfather was telling his grandchildren a story of the moon “thinking” she was more important that the sun, only to realize that she was dependent on the sun for the light she gave out. The children emphasized what they had learnt in distinguishing between artificial and natural sources of light. The students also showed their dancing prowess in both African and Indian cultures. The audience became so engrossed in these renditions that teachers, parents, staff and the KG 3 children could not control the urge to hit the dancefloor and join in. Some of the Year 4 students also performed a play that highlighted the importance of being able to speak a second language. Stranded in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the students struggled to relate to a man speaking Swahili, with humuorous consequences, until he was rescued by his friends. The Assembly closed with a wonderful rendition of the Eric Wainana song “Daima” which had the whole audience singing along. 

Parents, teachers and students all joined in with the dance Parents, teachers and students all joined in the funThe KG3 students then went off to class with the Year 1 students to interact with them in some activities related to maths, art and language. Meanwhile the prospective parents were given an opportunity to learn more about the programmes at the school from staff, current parents and students. Mr Adamjee, the father of Bilal(10) and Kaleem (7) spoke to the parents about thinking of the Academy not as a school but as a Leadership Establishment. He mentioned that since his children came to the school he now looks at life in a different way in terms of empathy towards others. He recommended the school as he felt that his children had become very independent-minded and that that stood out from children from other schools due to their confidence. Mr Maina, the father of Elliana (1), Ethan (2) and Ryan (8) quoted Shannon L Alder “It is not what you leave to your children that matters, but what you leave in them”. He pointed out that changing world of work especially in the area of technology and how the education system in Kenya had not kept up with the rapid change in employment opportunities. He felt that the skills acquired at the Academy would give them the skills they required in the ever changing field of work.

Learning math with cards Learning math with cardsThe Academy is very grateful for the parental support at events like this and the collaboration with teachers in the growth of the students. 

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