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Year 5 Students Reflect on their Unit of Enquiry on Energy

29 October 2014

As part of their second Unit of Inquiry, Year 5 are inquiring into Energy.  As part of their research, they participated in a Skype interview with Lara Stupin, a Senior Process Engineer with Pivot Ltd., a start-up waste-to-energy company in Kenya.  Devya Dixit and Naiher Tekeste reflected on their encounter.

"Miss Laura is working to build the first African power company to transform sewage into fuel, to create power.  On 9th October 2014 5A and 5K had a Skype chat with Miss Laura.  We all asked her questions about her power plant and she gave us detailed answers.  Some of the things we learned were the process to turn sewage into fuel and that fuel into power.  The factory dries the sewage in a kind of a greenhouse and then burns it to create power.  Our class was very surprised by the fact that sewage can create power!  This idea is good because it is cheap, environmentally friendly and reduces the pollution from burning coal.  We think that Miss Laura helped us a lot with our unit and wish her success in the work she is doing to make our world a better and less polluted place."