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Year 5 Sheds Light on Various Energy Technologies Through Science Expo

25 November 2014

The Year 5 students held a Science Expo on 21 November, 2014 to demonstrate what they had learned in their Energy Unit. This unit explored the trans disciplinary theme ‘How the world works’ and children inquired about how energy is converted from one form to another and learned that energy cannot be created or destroyed. They have been exploring different kinds of energy sources, including solar power, natural gas, wind, and fossil fuels. Their lessons even included trips to the Senior School laboratories where they were able to see the different types of energy in action!

There were engaging stations set up with colourful posters and beautiful models. Sahar Bharwani and Lorraine Tuva, who called themselves the Wind Super Girls, eloquently explained the process of conversion from wind energy to electrical energy. They also reflected on the reduction of pollution made by the use of wind turbines, but were quick to add that the machinery posed a danger to birds that were not adapted to the presence of this new technology in their environment.

Angela Sakayo had created a model of a solar-powered oven, complete with baking marshmallows! She outlined the pros and cons of using solar power, and mentioned that she would love to use her oven to make smores. For the future, she offered the following recommendation: “The government can encourage energy companies to produce solar energy because it is renewable.”

Vishva Patel had created a lovely model of a nuclear power plant and was careful to explain that although using uranium to generate power is very efficient (1kg of uranium produces as much energy as 23 tons of coal!), it is so dangerous that the nuclear waste has to be stored 400 feet underground. He also explained that the output of pollutants is very low with nuclear power, but that the risk of radiation contamination in case of an accident was extremely high.

Eklavya Hussain had prepared an impressive presentation on the history of fossil fuels and their use and impact over the years, and ended with the following ambitious recommendation: “We could use hydrogen because when it is burned it makes water vapour instead of harmful gases.” This environmental consciousness was also reflected in the material used by the students to make their models, with recycling featuring heavily in each project. A particularly ingenious example is the model of a wind turbine made out of a pen refill tube, an ice cream container lid, a straw, copper wire, aluminium foil and toilet roll tubes by Hussein Bhalloo and Ummi Yusuf.

There were several other equally well-thought-out and confidently presented projects, and the event saw a good turnout from the Junior School parents. There were also some Senior School students and faculty members who turned up to show their support. All in all, great job Year 5! We look forward to learning more from you at the next Science Expo.