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Year 10 Gets a Taste of Sustainable Entrepreneurship

24 November 2014

The Year 10s took their learning outside the classroom this week when they visited the Wild Living Resources Conservatory in Kilifi. The trip was inspired by the Leadership and Humanities components of the MYP, and is just one example of how these two parts of the curriculum are combined for students to apply the concepts they learn in theory to their school life.

Led by Mr. Vlad Gogelescu, the current MYP students are implementing their entrepreneurial skills through the Zawadi Bazaar and the school Tuck Shop, but the trip to the Conservatory also allowed them to see how the local community works towards a triple bottom line – profit, environment and community. The main focus of the visit was to observe and learn how profitable businesses can maintain their success while reducing their negative impact on the environment and establishing transferable skills within the community. The different areas examined by the class were Eco Charcoal Processing, East African Wild Leafy Vegetables, East African Wild Mushrooms, East African Aloe, and East African Herbals and Good Woods. The lesson also ties in with the themes of sustainable development and protection of the environment explored under the Humanities umbrella.

The students were required to assess the viability of each different project in terms of how sustainable it is and how the activity impacts on the environment. They also evaluated each project on community involvement and on how the skills learned within the Conservatory are transferable and applicable outside the immediate situation. We look forward to the exciting ways in which the Year 10s will implement their lessons learned at the Wild Living Resources Conservatory in the future!