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Wins for AKAM in Girl’s Water Polo

31 January 2009

On Saturday, 31 January 2009, the Academy hosted the first ever girls’ water polo tournament for schools in the coast region. Water Polo is the oldest Olympic team sport and by some standards is considered a very tough sport. It has certain elements of three major sports like swimming, handball and football. A team consists of seven members—six players and one goalie. The two Academy teams practised a great deal in preparation for this event and the effort showed on the day of the event. The two Academy teams came in 2nd and 3rd place in the tournament. The participants enjoyed the tournament and the physical and competitive aspects of the game. Congratulations to the participants and the winners of the tournament.

The results of the tournament are as follows:
  • Coast Academy -1st place
  • AKAM A and Mombasa Academy - 2nd place
  • AKAM B- 3rd place
  • Mombasa Light Academy - 4th place 

Braeburn also took part in the sport but were not included in the rankings as their players were over age.

This is not just a one time event. Another tournament is scheduled to be held at Coast Academy on 21 February 2009. We thank Coach Mohammed for organizing the event.