WEMA Center visits AKAM | Aga Khan Academies

WEMA Center visits AKAM

18 September 2008

Diploma Students of the Academy organized an awareness session to support the WEMA Street Children’s Center during this week’s Senior School assembly. Fellow students and teachers were given the opportunity to listen to the actual stories told by the WEMA children in the hopes of getting a better understanding of the homeless phenomenon which plagues the city and how Academy students could make a difference. The opportunity for Academy students to hear real life experiences from the WEMA children made a powerful impact on all the students and staff who had the opportunity to hear the honesty of these young people who have escaped the horrors of the street.

The WEMA Center takes in homeless boys and girls and provides them with proper meals, an education and most importantly, a bed to sleep on. The center has also been in partnership with the Academy’s Creativity, Action and Service program for the past three years, providing opportunity for AKAM students to get involved in community service in the greater Mombasa Area.

This awareness session took place just prior to the annual WEMATHON hosted by the Aga Khan Sports Center which many of the Academy students pledged to take part in. One Diploma student commented after the assembly and talk, "I thought I knew Mombasa and what it might be like to live on the street. I hadn’t a clue just how hard and how dangerous it was."

Head of Academy, Peter J McMurray expressed the continued desire for the students of CAS to be further supportive and involved in this worthy programme.


George Killeen
CAS Coordinator