Virtual career fair for the Year 10s | Aga Khan Academies

Virtual career fair for the Year 10s

30 November 2020

On 27 November 2020, AKA Mombasa hosted a virtual career fair for the Year 10s aimed at introducing students to professionals in various career paths to learn about different professional fields and trajectories. It was part of the Year 10s’ unit, ‘Leadership Curriculum’ led by Kauthar Mohamed and Rick Faulkner who also planned the event.

The fair featured 24 guest speakers from various industries globally including, education; hospitality; law; finance; information technology; development and more. They engaged with students to share career opportunities and insights and gave helpful tips to those who were undecided about the careers they wished to pursue. They also advised them on the courses to take for certain career paths.

Online career fair via Zoom.In addition, the professionals gave students insight on some of the challenges they faced in their industries and encouraged them to have passion and purpose to thrive in their respective chosen careers.

One student, Zahra Noormohamed, highlighted her experience saying:

“I really enjoyed this opportunity to learn from other people about their careers. I got to hear about their college experiences, the courses they took, their hobbies and how all of this translated into their careers. It was very inspiring to hear one of the speakers, Nadia Ahmed, the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of ICT, Innovation & Youth Affairs, share how she has been combating sexism and ageism within the ministry and how these challenges have only made her stronger.”

The key learning outcome of the career fair was for students to understand that professional lives can take many different directions and that it is never a straight line into one's career.