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The University of British Columbia Visit

27 November 2008

The Academy aims to make universities throughout the world more aware of the quality of its graduating students as well as making students more aware of their options for further education. Last week, Ms Olga Padisa, a representative from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada, gave a presentation to the diploma students.

UBC is one of Canada’s largest universities and is a leader in research and the use of problem-based teaching. Like other top universities, UBC recognizes the value of the IB diploma as an excellent preparation for university degree courses. There are two campuses in the university and there are more than 135 countries represented in the student body. The degree that students attain is recognized throughout the world.

The university offers three prestigious scholarships that may be of interest to diploma students. The International Leader of Tomorrow Award and the Humanitarian Award which recognize students with outstanding academic records and demonstrated financial need. The President’s Award is based on a student’s academic record when they apply to UBC. A student at the Academy attained the International Leader of Tomorrow Award in the 2007-08 academic year.

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