Tree Planting at Mwahima Secondary School | Aga Khan Academies

Tree Planting at Mwahima Secondary School

17 May 2018

On 12 May 2018, The Book Club and The Young Farmers Club Members participated in a tree planting event at Mwahima Secondary School in Likoni. The event was sponsored by the Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK). The whole event offered a learning experience for all of us as we were not only able to learn about tree planting but further learn about the community that surrounds us. The interaction with students from different schools and curriculums gave us a different perspective of life. We were able to get a glimpse of their school life through the music that that was playing as we got into the school. It was amazing to see most of us coming out of our comfort zone and enjoy the music.

The planting of trees was quite eventful, some of us did not know how to remove the seedlings from the plastic bags and place them in the holes as most of us have never been to the farms. However, after a little guidance from the local students we were able to plant the trees. It was very clear that the community did not expect us to get our hands dirty and it was a great pleasure to be able to prove them wrong as we got down on our knees, effectively planted the seedlings and gain respect.

We all hope to return in the near future in order not only to check up on our plants but further study more about our community, see and study nature.