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Teachers from San Diego Tour the Academy

16 January 2009

Teachers from San Diego on an exchange programme through the Rotary visited our school on Thursday 15 January. They were given a tour of the campus by Rtn. Kezziah Namadao, grade 6 teacher, and they had a chance to meet with members of the Senior Management Team, students and other faculty members.

These were some of their remarks on the Academy:

“After visiting Aga Khan Academy, I am more excited than ever to start the IB program back at my own school in the U.S.” — Kelli Flandi, Montgomery Middle School

“The school is astonishing and a wonderful example of what should be taught in schools worldwide.” — Emily Just, San Onofre School

“I found this school to be amazing. The level of education, the facilities and the students are all impressive. This is a wonderful experience for us.” — Dale Burns, Legal Nurse Consultant

“I have learned much from my visit to Aga Khan Academy. I plan to take many of these ideas to La Costa Canyon High School.” — Christopher Greenslate

“This is an extra ordinary campus. It is definitely an example of an ideal educational environment for any community around the world.” — Liza Flowers, Hilltop Middle School

“You have a wonderful facility with remarkable faculty and students. We thank you for your hospitality and I look forward to hearing more about your school." — Jessica Silva T.L Waggoner Elementary School

Indeed, the Academy is a place to be proud of.