Students win overall stands exhibit trophy at the Mombasa International Show | Aga Khan Academies

Students win overall stands exhibit trophy at the Mombasa International Show

20 September 2019

 From 3 September to 5 September, Aga Khan Academy Mombasa students participated at the Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) Mombasa International Show where they won the overall stand exhibits trophy, which was presented by the president of Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The students, who represented AKA Mombasa’s Young Farmers and Book Club (YFC), presented in various exhibits such as knitting, farm produce, fine arts, local handicrafts and more. The theme for this year’s show was “Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade”, with the aim of enhancing technology transfer to the students, as well as preparing them with the necessary knowledge and skills. 

“During this year’s show, I made a stationary desk organizer, which was in the category of local handmade crafts,” said Naira Gillani, year 8, a member of the YFC. “I made this specific project because most students, especially in local schools, use plastic pencil cases, which break easily. When those cases are disposed, they end up in the ocean, hence causing pollution.”

Over the years, the event has helped students with career selections as well as providing hands-on experience to current technologies in agriculture, trade and allied industries. 

“Presenting my fine arts product about the effects of air pollution on agriculture and the environment as a whole with my partner was a fun and interesting experience,” said Sekela Munthali, year 8, a member of the YFC. “We explained to the judges and various people about our product and the message portrayed in it and we received different people's point of view of our art piece. We also visited other exhibits where people had very interesting and diverse products to show case. We learnt a lot from different exhibitors.”

Out of the various schools that participated in this year’s show, AKA Mombasa emerged as the overall winner for the exhibits the students put on. From this, YFC members will travel to Nairobi next week to participate in the Nairobi International Trade Fair.

“This win shows the high standards of our students in creativity, thinking skills and awareness of community needs,” said Henry Nyagah, one of YFC’s supervisors.