Students win open football tournament | Aga Khan Academies

Students win open football tournament

05 February 2020

On 2 February, 10 students from AKA Mombasa participated in an open football tournament at the Light International School where they won the tournament and had some players recognised for their performances. The players who were part of the team included: 

  • Suleiman Hamisi, DP2
  • Rayan Khan, DP1
  • Mohammed Hyder, DP2
  • Amilio Merali Khan, DP2
  • Aliasger Jafferi (captain), DP2, recognised as "Best Defender"  
  • Faniki Deche, DP1, recognised as "Best Player"
  • Ayaan Jasni, DP1
  • Yusuf Abdulkhani, Year 10
  • Saruni Meely, Year 10
  • Ryan Ogola, Year 10 

Jackson Kanyingi, the team's coach, said he's proud of the boys for playing so well. 

"The team's chemistry made them produce an excellent performance during the tournament," Jackson said.