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Students Steal the Show at the IAME Hackathon

24 September 2018

Six students from the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa attended the International Association of Maritime Economists’ first mini-hackathon in Kenya on 12 September. Being the only group of students present at the event, and having to compete against IT professionals, experts and more, the students won the competition and were awarded with Ksh. 20,000. Hear from our students on their experiences at the hackathon.   

Devesh Datta

"In my opinion, this hackathon was the best experience of my DP2 life so far. The second we entered the convention centre, I was starstruck by the number of professionals on show. I was scared, but still believed in my team; we were motivated to show everyone what we were made of. It was extremely euphoric as we had no hope or expectations of winning the competition."  

Gurjog Singh

"This event has proved to me about the effect the IB curriculum would have in our lives. We were able to come up with great solutions, analyse them and present them effectively as a team, which is how we emerged as the winners of the first hackathon event in Kenya."

Heena Kamani

"Each group was supposed to come up with different problems regarding the Kenya Portal Authorities. This made me personally ponder over the serious situations that could arise in specific scenarios and how we could tackle them through the use of the different data collected and IT systems. The first presentation seemed to make the judges quite content and pleased. Once a problem was identified, the next step was to create a way out. Massive discussions took place on the table and all seemed magnificent and intriguing. Victor Wamurwa, Sneha Bardai, Devesh Datta, Heena Kamani, Kirunda Kunyiha, Gurjog Singh and Sigi Yitzak at the IAME hackathon.Wondering over it, the hackathon not only provided a great opportunity to enhance my knowledge about a specific subject, but also think in a far-reaching manner, helping to deal the day to day troubles. I grasped that it is these trivial activities that build the foundation of your future, and along with studies, such experiences are extremely vital."

Kirunda Kunyiha

"Our task at the hackathon was to identify a problem that the port was facing and solve it using IT. We are given come context, told to identify problems and then told to provide possible solutions. The collective effort from all 5 of our members allowed us to secure first place and come home with some prize money. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I would recommend it for all those interested in solving problems using technology (especially ITGS students)."

Sneha Bardai

"The main aim of this conference is to provide a platform for young researchers to advance in the field as entrepreneurs so they can come up with sustainable strategies, which can be developed for economic growth. In the conference, many complex challenges are brought forth so young entrepreneurs can craft actionable solutions to those problems. This conference is a social community gathering that allows the exchange of ideas, innovations and knowledge so the future can be sustainable. When I went in I was quite intimidated by the people presenting because they were experts, graduates, government officials and people who have had experience in the port. This event enabled me to look at the different perspectives people brought forth to the table. When the judges announced that we won I was very excited. Victor Wamurwa, Sneha Bardai, Heena Kamani, Devesh Datta, Kirunda Kunyiha and Gurjog Singh with the Ksh. 20,000 award.Overall, this event allowed me to stretch beyond the walls of the classroom and apply my knowledge in the real world, which is currently facing those problems. I was able to analyse a problem from different lens, as in the perspective of an employee and an owner. This event helped me realise that there are many problems that concern the world such as the lack of organisation and other problems in the port that can be solved using technology."