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Students participate in OA Model United Nations

04 November 2022

This week, 19 Middle Years Program students from the Academy attended the 20th Annual OA Model United Nations conference after undergoing rigorous preparation by the Diploma Programme 2 (DP2) student executives. The student-led enrichment has prepared students since the beginning of the academic year, teaching them about Model UN Resolutions, lobbying, motions and what to do during the conference. 

Students strengthened their alliances during the lobbying time before the conference officially began. Some of the best resolutions that were recited at the conference were produced by AKA Mombasa's talented delegates and ambassadors during the Middle School MUN enrichment period, in which they refined their resolutions to ensure they were as strong as possible. 

Two of the AKA Mombasa resolutions were accepted for debate and successfully passed, as the ambassadors of both delegations made incredibly motivating speeches that moved the general assembly to vote "for" their resolutions. 

The delegation of Argentina led by Ambassador Thea Shah initiated a resolution following the topic: Implementing a one-year pilot programme in sections of India to control the spread of tuberculosis and improve the health of the less fortunate members of societies affected by the disease. 

Ayman Ladha, Ambassador of the Russian Delegation, passed a resolution on the second day of the conference to implement a 3-year pilot programme on peace creation through eradicating armed attacks. In addition, congratulations to our junior and senior chairs, Kelsey, Fatimah, Haimi, and Sakina, who did a fantastic job showcasing the array of talent and confidence present in AKA, Mombasa students. We are very proud of all 19 delegates from the Academy and, we wish the MSMUN students good luck as they prepare for the Nairobi Conference in January 2023.