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Students participate in the Model United Nations conference

27 November 2018

From 24 October to 27 October, 19 students from the Academy attended the 16th annual Oshwal Academy Model United Nations (OAMUN) conference. The conference is part of the Middle School Model United Nations (MSMUN), which involves students partaking in activities done by the actual United Nations to help them improve their debate skills, become more knowledgeable about global issues and build their confidence. From the Academy, Zahra Noormohamed, year 8, and Nivyan Lakhani, year 8, were voted best speakers in technology and human rights. Here, Nivyan and Ibdita Hotta, year 9, reflect on their experiences at the conference.

“I still remember Mr. Johnson coming in the room and telling us we would be attending a conference at Oshwal Academy. At first I thought specific people were going to be selected to attend the conference, but Mr. Johnson asked, ‘Who will come to the conference?’ and my mind told me to raise my hand so I did. Mr. Johnson later gave us more information regarding the conference and when I went home afterward I thought to myself, ‘This is a big deal!’ and that this will be my first impression on people who will be attending the Nairobi conference in the future.

When the day for the conference came and I entered the main hall, I then realised the scale of the event. I was worried that I would have no chance against the people I was competing against. When the conference began, I tried to speak but was not called and the second time I tried to speak I was finally called on. I also accidentally spoke from where the chair people were supposed to speak from. All of this lowered my confidence and pushed me to not talk much that day. However, throughout the remainder of the conference, this all changed. On the final day, I was voted one of the best speakers at the conference out of three others. AKA Mombasa students at the OAMUN conference.I was shocked and my peers cheered me on, giving me more courage.

Overall, this journey taught me many key skills, including to never give up. I would suggest that if one fails to climb a mountain, they must keep on trying until they succeed. Patience is the sweetest fruit, but also the one with the hardest skin.” – Nivyan Lakhani

“MSMUN plays a big role in my growth both as a persona and an IB student. This was my second year being part of MSMUN, but it was my first time attending the OAMUN. Before the conference, I never wrote resolutions and taken part in debates at the Academy. However, I was still very nervous and eager to attend the OAMUN. It gave me the chance to interact with different people and learn about their various viewpoints.  Students from numerous schools, including Ibdita from AKA Mombasa, represented Iran during the OAMUN conference.I was a part of the delegation of Iran, along with four others, and during the whole conference we worked with great coordination. Students from various schools attended the OAMUN conference.There were about 30-60 people in that room, and it took me a lot of effort to muster up my courage to speak in front of them and address the assembly. However, after speaking once, I got the urge to share my views even more. This enrichment truly enrichs the one that attends it by polishing their communication, research, analytical, public-speaking and cooperative skills, while also developing their self-confidence and knowledge about the world. The most memorable thing for me was when all the resolutions from the Academy passed as they were the efforts of our enrichment's participants for months. In the future, I look forward to more opportunities within the enrichment to debate, write resolutions and most importantly enhance my knowledge about Model United Nations and the world. This enrichments is one of the few I always look forward to attending.” – Ibdita Hotta