Students celebrate the International Day of Peace | Aga Khan Academies

Students celebrate the International Day of Peace

18 November 2022

On 17 November the entire school celebrated the International Day of Peace. The theme for this year was “End racism. Build peace.” 

Students dressed in white, blue and green and held a whole school assembly to commemorate the day. During the assembly, students in Junior and Senior school presented songs, dance and poetry.

Below is a poem composed by Abigail Moora in Grade 9.

My Peace - Poem 

I feel most beautiful in the sun

Surrounded by a sea of green
And living creatures 
All around me

I love to feel the sun's light
Hold me tight as we embrace each others warmth

I can’t help but wonder
If the sun also struggled to rise this morning
Despite the obligation to do so

The sun however laughed at this remark
And whispers to me ever so gently
To enlighten me with all types of wisdom.

Notice how the grass never apologized for being uneven
Or one of the bees when invading someone's freedom

It's like when the leaves don’t yell when they fall
Or the trees envy each other when stronger

Nor is it like when rain shows no mercy when it weeps
Nor the wind when it howls

They are no obligations in nature
So why must we have so many?

My obligation is to find peace,
My mere reason for existence, 
That overwhelming peace that makes the air around feel worth a deep breath in
But for now I found my peace,
With the songs from trees,  the grass ever so green, and the sky squeaky clean.