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Students Are Initiated into Everyday Africa Project

19 February 2015

Sixteen students from the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa’s Senior School have been selected to contribute to a global photography project titled ‘Everyday Africa’. The students have made a long-term commitment to the project, led by internationally acclaimed photographers. To see the work prepared by the students to gain entry into this project, click here. 

The project aims to dispel stereotypes of Africa and African living by using social media to share photographs of everyday life in African countries, showcasing the various cultural, social and spiritual interactions between people without reverting to the tropes portrayed in mainstream media. 

Our students will be joined by a handful of other participating students from other schools around Mombasa, as well as a few students from various government schools who have collaborated with us for specific projects. This year, the project will involve girls who have worked with us on the EGIS (Educating Girls in Science) project. 

Students will begin photography workshops with a parallel program being run at the Nicholas Senn High School in Chicago, and both groups of students will get to share their unique experiences and photo essays at the end of the workshops. 

We wish the students all the very best, and we look forward to seeing some excellent images that capture the true essence of Everyday Mombasa. 


You can also see more of Everyday Africa’s current work on social media:






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