Students and staff commemorate World Environment Day | Aga Khan Academies

Students and staff commemorate World Environment Day

05 June 2023

On 5 June, the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa celebrated the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day. To commemorate the day, the Junior School Young Farmers and Senior School student-led enrichments, "Plant with Me" and "Mazingira", worked together to organise the first tree planting event at the AcademyOver 70 students, faculty and staff came together in an enthusiastic effort to plant trees around the campus.

Participants of the activity learnt about the crucial role trees play in maintaining ecological balance and improving air quality. This hands-on experience fostered a sense of environmental responsibility and also provided an opportunity for the Academy community to connect with nature and appreciate the importance of safeguarding our planet.

“It was an enlightening experience working with my peers to commit myself to do better for the environment," said Ryan Bardai, a Grade 10 student. "Despite the heat, we pushed ourselves to put in our best effort to save the environment.”