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Student Orientation

01 September 2008

On Friday, 22 August 2008, The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa (AKAM) welcomed approximately 60 new students to its community. It was a fun-filled day organized by the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), Admissions Office and Dean of Students Office.

The day began with a series of welcoming speeches by the AKAM leadership and the SRC President. Then students, armed with a map and series of clues, navigated their way through the campus to see which group could collect the most number of tokens in a scavenger hunt. Students then got the opportunity to test their engineering skills by making a contraption that would prevent an egg from breaking when dropped. The winning invention allowed an egg to survive a 6 meter drop! After lunch, students spent time learning about The AKAM Learner Profile, Rights and Responsibilities, and general school rules. The day ended with an artistic session, where students created a mural in groups.

Overall, it was an energetic day full of learning and smiles. Welcome to all the new students of AKAM!