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Stand Up Shout Out Discusses Rape Culture in Mombasa

20 January 2017

Verbalize Realize! is one of the projects of Stand Up Shout Out, which is a community organization with divisions spread out across the globe. The purpose of the event is to be able to first recognize and verbalize issues in our communities and to then work together to realize the solutions. In this case, the goal is to educate each other about a usually taboo topic - rape- and develop methods to combat sexual violence. This event, which is organized by the SUSO Mombasa division, will be taking place on Saturday 21 January 2017 from 11am - 4pm  at the Academy. It is open to students and interested individuals from across Mombasa aged 15 and above with free entry. The speakers at the event have undergone an application process and will be the main driving force behind this very relevant discusion about rape culture. They will be sharing their opinions through pre-set debate motions.This event is a great opportunity for youth to network and share opinions and solutions about a persistent issue that affects Mombasa as well as the global community. For more details on the event:Facebook event: website: Read, share and invite! We hope to see you there!