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Titus Mutemi: A transformative educator

In 2015, Titus Mutemi joined the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa as part of the Teacher Preparation Programme (TPP), which aims to train teachers to become transformative International Baccalaureate educators in their communities. This became a turning point for Titus' career as he has since further developed his extensive knowledge and skills and forged a pluralistic view of the world.

For Titus, the priority has always been to ensure that students have the best learning experience. As a result, he reviewed and vertically aligned the mathematics programme to ensure that there were no existing gaps between mathematics knowledge, concepts and skills across all the grade levels in his role as a Homeroom teacher. This step brought about a significant improvement in the students' performance of the subject.

Titus’ proudest moment at the Academy was to see the students he taught from Year 1 successfully complete their Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition. “It was my pride to see them demonstrate their understanding of the world around them; to make more informed choices and confidently express themselves. In their projects, they engaged in discussing issues that require deeper and critical thinking skills, in the effort to make the world a better place.”

As the new PYP Coordinator, Titus looks forward to collaborating with the teachers to continue to develop effective teaching practices, which will give students the best learning experiences. He also plans to continue supporting students to help them realise their full potential.

Expressing her pride and excitement for Titus, Junior School Principal Annia Dear said, “Titus has come into his new role in an exciting, albeit challenging time, but has without hesitation accepted and moved forward with all that his role demands. His knowledge and understanding of the needs of students and teachers at this crucial time has been invaluable. His calm nature, positive attitude and commitment to achieving ongoing success with students, parents and teachers is an asset.”

Having been a part of the Academy for over five years now, Titus appreciates being part of a supportive community that is united by a common mission and vision to develop the leaders of tomorrow. As he expresses, “There is no greater joy than nurturing young learners and witnessing them grow into more responsible, reflective and increasingly independent individuals.”