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Shouquot Hussain: encouraging academic and holistic growth at AKA Mombasa

Shouquot Hussain was born and raised in India and has been the Vice Principal of the Diploma Programme (DP) at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa for seven years. He says his time and experience at the Academy have been the best seven years of his life, both professionally and personally. “To put it simply, the experience has been magical, happy, growth-inducing and memorable,” Shouquot says.

Shouquot says he will miss everything about the Academy; its diversity, the relationships he built with students and colleagues and the numerous events he got to be a part of. “I will miss it like I miss home,” Shouquot says. “My son literally grew up here. He was in Year 4 when he came here and has now completed the Middle Years Programme (MYP). In fact in all ways barring the passport, he is more Kenyan than he is Indian. Likewise, I will miss the home I built here – within the campus and without. I will miss the Mombasa vibe, which engulfs you with warmth, not frenzy.”

If there’s one thing the Academy has taught Shouquot, it’s to be respectful and accepting of the differences of others. “There are many ways to be right; I always knew this theoretically as an educator, but I got to really practice it experientially here,” He says. 

While at the Academy, Shouquot has contributed to several academic achievements. As a teacher in the English department, the Higher Level English class he taught in 2016 achieved an average of 5.92, the highest to be attained thus far at AKA Mombasa. The English Extended Essay (EE) that he supervised went on to score the highest marks yet in Africa. Furthermore, he initiated the Extended Essay Fair where students could visit subject-specific specialists to better understand the expectations of the EE, discuss possible topics and learn about the resources available to students before beginning their EEs.

However, not all of his achievements were academic. Shouquot has always been a champion of activities that encourage the holistic growth of students beyond the classroom. In 2013 he revived the boys cricket programme in Senior School, which has since won a championship. There is now a girls cricket team too. He also established the annual DP play and supported many other programme and events such as TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa and the annual graduation ceremony among others.

“For the last seven years that I have worked with Shouquot, I have come to know him as a passionate teacher who finds his spark working with students,” says Francis Kariuki, Principal of Senior School. “He is also a compassionate person who has the interest of students and colleagues at heart. As a leader, he is firm and supportive with a strong sense of fairness and justice. He has a spontaneous and fun-loving personality with unmatched love for books and movies. He is generous and always looking for opportunities to bring fun to others. We will miss him in the Senior School leadership team.”

For his next stop, Shouquot will be joining the Beacon Academy, an International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Jakarta, Indonesia. There, he will navigate the DP English and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) programmes and introduce DP film studies as a subject. He also says he will support the school reinvent the curriculum design to allow for more experimentation and differentiated pacing with a bigger focus on formative assessments.