Social Capital Seminar | Aga Khan Academies

Social Capital Seminar

16 December 2011

On Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December 2011, eight students in the AKA,M IB Diploma Programme participated in a seminar on Social Capital, led by Robert Bideleux of Swansea University.

Students considered definitions of Social Capital, watched a series of films presenting case studies of how Social Capital has led to development in Brazil, and then discussed ways that these could be adapted to the Kenyan context. Students also drew on their own experiences to identify examples of Social Capital working in their own communities.

The seminar drew on readings used in undergraduate courses, so presented students with a challenging introduction to the style of study they will experience in university.

Julia Soares, a DP1 student, commented, "I learned how valuable people are, and that even in subjects like Economics we rely on elements that are not measurable, like trust...It was mentioned that businesses now consider social capital as a form of capital but I would like to now understand exactly how different businesses measure it."


Another seminar is planned to be held in March 2012.