Senior School staff participate in dance class for well-being | Aga Khan Academies

Senior School staff participate in dance class for well-being

10 August 2021

The Senior School staff participated in an exhilarating dance class organized by Minal Shah, Vice Principal, Support and Well-being, as part of Faculty Week activities. Minal has always been a firm advocate for community support. When she came across Emily and Amelia Nagoski’s words, “The cure for burnout isn’t and can’t be self-care. It has to be all of us caring for each other,” they resonated deeply with her. 

“The entire time we were online, the whole school community and especially the teachers have consistently supported each other and done a fantastic job to make sure that the students’ well-being was always put first. I wanted the teachers to have an opportunity to let loose, have a laugh and have some fun together,” said Minal, “What better way to do that than with a dance class?”

Priya Majithia, a Mombasa based dance coach who is also part of an international yoga, fitness and dance community, got everyone moving to the upbeat tempo.

“The dance was enjoyable and very beneficial; I would wish to do it again and again. As I danced and the sweat trickled down my face in the MPH, a feeling of healthy living engulfed me. The team-building component in this was also evident as hands swept up in the air in unison. This was quite a spectacle, I’m looking forward to the next dance session,” said Safari Fondo, Math Teacher and Head of Year Level for DP2.

The Academy has always placed high importance on providing students, parents and staff with the support they need and look forward to continuing to do so through various activities and workshops amongst other things.