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Senior School Interhouse Track and Field Competition

31 March 2009

On Wednesday March 25, 2009 the Senior School held its annual inter house track and field competition. Students from Yr 7 to DP2 competed in field events including high jump and javelin and track events from hurdles and sprints to an 800m cross country.

The students were not put off by the heat and participated enthusiastically whether on the track or cheering from the sides.

The teachers even got to run (albeit a bit slower than some of the students!) in an inter house teachers race at the end.

New school records were set by Caleb Munyasya (Yr 7/8 Discus – 18.52m and Yr 7/8 boys high jump 1.45m), Emmanuel Appunda (Yr 7/8 boys triple jump – 8.01m), Ahmed Fahmi (Yr 9/10 Boys high jump 1.58m) and Luqmaan Yasin (Yr 9/10 boys shot put 11.35m).

The overall winners were Yellow House, who won it for the fourth year in a row! Blue House came second followed by Red and then Green.

Well done to all those boys and girls and teachers who took part!