Senior School Carnival Raises Funds for Faza Schools | Aga Khan Academies

Senior School Carnival Raises Funds for Faza Schools

19 October 2009

After hearing about the fire that destroyed three quarters of the houses in Faza village on Lamu Island in early September, the Academy Diploma Students decided they had to do something to help the community.

Other Aga Khan agencies, Education for Marginalized Children in Kenya (EMACK) and the Madrasa Resource Centre (MRC), who work with approximately 780 primary and nursery school students in the village, have been worried that as families begin to rebuild and cope with the damage, resources may not be available to send their children to school. As a result, without uniforms, books, supplies, and tuition, another casualty of the fire could be the education of these students.

Understanding the importance of education, Diploma Students decided to organize a Carnival, to raise money to help the schools supported by EMACK and MRC.

The carnival, held on Friday, September 25th, 2009, was organized and run by the Diploma students who offered a variety of fun activities for the rest of the Senior School. Carnival activities included, Sponge the Teacher, Darts, Fishing, Face Painting, Henna, Fortune Telling, Play Station, Football, Acrobatic and Dance Performances, Food Sales, and much more!

Fun was had by all and through the efforts of the Diploma students, students in Faza will be one step closer to staying in school.