Semester 1 Senior School Awards 2016 | Aga Khan Academies

Semester 1 Senior School Awards 2016

29 February 2016

Students receiving certificates from the Senior School Principal, Mr. Francis Kariuki.The first semester Senior School Awards ceremony took place on Friday, 05 February, 2016, at the Commons. This is a formal occasion that takes place twice a year, after every semester. The awards are based on the students’ grades, which determine if they get first or second honours.

This event was held to celebrate how far students pushed themselves, how much they accomplished, and how hard they worked. Additionally, it was held to honour students who showed outstanding commitment to their academics.

Student walks to the stage to accept his award.All the students who walked up on stage had wide smiles across their faces. While some received certificates, others among the audience reflected on their academic performance and felt encouraged to improve in the next semester.

This year the year 6's took the lead and had the highest number of students receiving awards. We applaud all the high achievers and look forward to seeing even more students reach greater heights next semester!

 By Riya Haria, Year 9 (The Reporters)

Photos by Preetraj Bhamra, Year 9 (The Reporters)