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Retreat for the Student’s Representative Council

01 December 2008

The students at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa annually vote for a Student’s Representative Council (SRC) that would represent them. The council comprises of members who have been entrusted with the responsibility of making the school environment more diverse in terms of opportunities. The main function of the council is to act as a voice for the students to the administration.

To help the elected members deliver quality service, the school organized a retreat where the council members would acquire basic leadership skills. This year, Tiwi Beach Resort in the Southern Coast of Mombasa hosted the retreat from Friday the 14th of November, 2008 to Sunday the 16th of November, 2008.

Team building was the theme of the retreat as it was incorporated into each and every interactive forum held. Some of the skills that the council members learned were speech writing, public speaking and time management skills, and the qualities of a great leader. Opportunities were created for them to get to know one another so as to create an indestructible bond of trust within the council. “The SRC is a family,” said the President, Ms. Nafisa Abdulhamid during the trust forum, “and we need to trust each other so that we can help each other in order to get better results from the council.” The conference and animation facilities catered well for the participants and created an environment for learning, recreation, and networking, making the event a huge success. The retreat had a positive impact on members of the council, apparent in the progress observed in the days following the retreat.