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Remembering Westgate

27 September 2013

A ceremony of remembrance, love and solidarity, organised by the Uhai CAS group, was held outside the Commons last evening. Messages were posted on a board and candles were lit as staff and students came together to stand with those most affected by the Westgate tragedy.  Today in the Junior School candles will be lit as the school community continues to grieve and participate in the three days of national mourning.  

Every person in Kenya has been affected in some way by this terrible event, but last night’s service was particularly dedicated to those who lost their lives, and their families and friends.  The message was one of reaching out to support in any way possible those affected – be it through empathy, talking about the tragedy in an effort to understand and ensure it does not happen again or practically through blood donations.  On Sunday as soon as the need was communicated, 20 residential students went to the Red Cross Centre to donate blood.  Sharing our experiences and supporting others are acts of humanity that enable us to move forward in a positive manner, hoping and praying that such an event is never repeated.