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Ravens swoop into victory at inter-house debate

30 January 2016

Photo by Jameel KhanThe Ravens won a fiery inter-house debate competition on Friday, 22 January 2016, at the Commons. The debate was split into 2 rounds, with Ravens and Eagles qualifying into the final round to compete for first place. The motion of the final round was the right of all nations to own nuclear weapons. 

While the Eagles argued against the motion, referring to the mass destructive nature of such weaponry, the Ravens focused on the right of every nation to self-defense. In addition, the winning team also highlighted the hypocrisy of the superpowers that own nuclear weapons but insist that other nations refrain from nuclear proliferation. 

Photo by Shashank ArvindOn the other hand, the Falcons and Hawks were arguing the same motion for third place. Like the Eagles, the Falcons argued against the motion and began with a clear justification about how nuclear weapons are a threat to the world. However, despite the Hawks’ best efforts to support the motion, the Falcons won third place. 

The first round was focused on the sustainability of the devolution system of government in Kenya. This round showcased good research skills on the students’ part with the Ravens and Eagles qualifying for the finals. 

The debate competition helped the students unearth their hidden talents in public speaking and cultivated their confidence. The house-spirit charged atmosphere also pushed the debaters’ to argue their stances passionately. We look forward to seeing even more participation in next year’s inter-house debate competition!

By The Reporters