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Ravens Secure a Win at Senior School Interhouse Maths Competition

22 November 2014

Friday afternoons are usually rather eventful at The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, and the 21st of November, 2014 was no exception. The AKA, Mombasa Senior School Mathematics Department organised their first ever Interhouse Maths Competition, and like all House Events, this one held plenty of cheers, applause, and unabashed House Spirit.

The competition was hosted by AKA, Mombasa alumnus and current Teaching Fellow, Daniel Orwa, with various members of the Mathematics Teaching Faculty acting as judges. The competitors were organized into year groups, with Years 6 and 7, Years 8 and 9, and Years 10 and DP1 competing together for House glory.

The event started out with an individual effort from each year group, and the scores were incredibly close after this first round, with the Ravens and Falcons tied in joint second place, and the Eagles and Hawks tied for first place.

The individual effort was followed by the team efforts from the respective year groups, and the end of this round saw another twist in the scores with the Eagles and Hawks now in joint third place, the Ravens edging out into second place, and the Falcons now claiming first place.

However, the last round, in which the teams worked against the clock, revealed the ultimate mathematical champions. Before the round commenced, Mr. Orwa explained that this one was the most crucial and carried the highest number of points. The competitors would be rewarded for accuracy as well as speed, and this round showcased incredibly close competition between the Houses in a high-pressure situation. At the end of the day, the Eagles came in fourth with 11 points, followed by the Hawks with 12 points. The Falcons were runners-up with 16 points and the Ravens emerged victorious with 18 points!

Congratulations to the Ravens team and kudos to all the participants who represented their Houses, as well as those who were there to support them. We look forward to even more excitement at the next Interhouse Maths Competition!