Ravens Ride the Wave to Victory at Senior School Interhouse Swimming Competition | Aga Khan Academies

Ravens Ride the Wave to Victory at Senior School Interhouse Swimming Competition

03 December 2014

The afternoon of Friday 28 November was like many other days this late in the Kenyan year, blisteringly hot and perfect for a dip in the pool. This one, however, had the added buzz of anticipation and excitement. Students flocked to the poolside bleachers after their afternoon lessons for the Senior School Interhouse Swimming Competition, the grey and white of the school uniform scattered with splashes of green, yellow, blue and red. Others retreated into the changing rooms to prepare for their share in bringing their Houses glory.

As the swimmers warmed up, the marshalling area became abuzz with activity as timekeepers checked their devices and teachers and mentors gave pep talks to their participants. Off to one side, the officials diligently checked that all events and their participants had been logged correctly. Every now and then, a cheer would rise up from the general hubbub of the stands as a House vocalised their support for their swimmers, while the music that pumped and flowed through the speakers over the crowd kept the students and teachers in the highest of spirits.

And then they were off! Event after event saw a display of beautiful athleticism and sportsmanship as swimmers dove into the inviting water and speedily made their way through the length of the pool. There were moments of breath-taking sporting ability as some swimmers easily outstripped the others in the lanes next to them, as well as instances of nail-bitingly close finishes that could only be settled by the display of the timekeepers’ stopwatches. Not to be outdone by the students, the teachers and teaching fellows also suited up and took to the water in an event that ensued in fierce competition and a display of unflagging House Spirit.

After ten events, the Ravens and Eagles were tied in first place with 30 points each, while the Falcons were not far behind with 28 points, and then the Hawks with 22 points. Halfway through, the Ravens were still in first place with 65 points, but the Falcons had inched into second place with 54 points, while the Eagles were displaced to third place with 52 points, and the Hawks were just behind them with 49 points. At the end of thirty events, the Ravens maintained their lead with 99 points, the Eagles reclaimed second place with 85 points, the Falcons followed with 77 points, and the Hawks came in with 69 points. The event ended with the Hawks coming in fourth with 106 points, the Falcons claiming the second runner-up spot with 129 points and the Eagles took the first runner-up place with 148 points.  The Ravens were then announced as the Senior School Swimming champions with 163 points!

Excellent job, Ravens! And well done to all the swimmers and supporters from all the Houses! We hope to see even more participation and enthusiasm next year.