Our diverse student body grows! | Aga Khan Academies

Our diverse student body grows!

08 September 2022

As with every new academic year, we welcomed many new students from many new places to our AKA Mombasa community. Students joined us from various schools around Kenya including Braeburn and Strathmore and from various countries within East Africa and around the world. The one thing they all have in common is that they love being at AKA Mombasa! Some of them tell us what they love about the Academy.

Saira Ahmed in Grade 3 joined us from Braeburn.

"I love all of the people in the school, they’re kind-hearted and helpful. My favourite subject is maths because it's very interesting; I really like adding, subtracting and rounding to the nearest number."



Ron Oluga in Grade 3 joined us from Nyali School

"I really like the Academy because there is so much space to play and learn and there are so many friendly students. My favourite subjects are math and English. Math tricks make your brain think. I’ve made new friends very easily."



Fatima Ezzi in Grade 4 joined us from MSB

"I love my new friends, my new class and spending more time in school. Everyone is so friendly! My favourite subject is music because I like playing instruments, especially the drum."




Ellee Haji in Grade 5 joined us from Braeburn

"Everyone is so friendly and the work here is challenging. I like being challenged and solving problems in maths and other subjects. My favourite subject is music because I play the piano."




Maya Ramzi in Grade 8 joined us from Houston, Texas.
“So far school has been great, and the classes have been outstanding. What I love about the Academy is that I’m understanding more and more in class so it's fun to learn, I actually want to go to class. It’s also easy to make new friends because everyone is so friendly and my roommate is great!”




Jake Trento in Grade 7 joined us from Braeburn.

“I love making new friends, going to class every day and the sports facilities with the big swimming pool and indoor gym. The classes are very interesting and I’m enjoying learning. I also enjoy having different types of friends here because there are so many diverse people. My favourite part is the learning and all the new friends I’ve made.”



Atia Tendo in Grade 8 joined us from Kampala, Uganda.

"I love the people at the Academy. Everyone is so open and friendly and it was easy for me to fit right in. I enjoy the residence and how welcoming everyone is straight away."




Mwangi Njoroge in DP1 joined us from Strathmore.

“My favourite part of school is the enrichments, over the weekend for residential students there are so many fun activities. I’m finding classes very interesting and there is a lot of good engagement between the students and with the teacher. It’s very easy to communicate with teachers even after school hours. The Academy has a very supportive environment, everyone is so friendly and nice.”