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Ohad Mutua studying Economics at University of British Columbia

25 June 2021

Ohad Mutua will be attending the University of British Columbia (UBC) – Okanagan Campus where he plans to pursue a degree in Economics. Ohad Joined the Academy in 2014 through the Talent Identification Programme, which provides exceptional students with an international-standard education and leadership opportunities, regardless of their ability to pay.

Ohad is a recipient of the International Leader of Tomorrow (ILOT) Award at UBC, which recognises international students who demonstrate leadership skills and involvement in student affairs and community service. 

“Receiving news of the scholarship was such a rewarding experience because I put in a lot of work to get into university,” Ohad said. “It meant a lot to me and my mother, who has always motivated me to push myself.”

While at the Academy, Ohad developed as a well-rounded student as he got an educational experience that extended beyond the classroom. In addition to being an honours student and emerging as one of the top scorers in the Class of 2020 with 41 points out of 45, Ohad exercised his leadership abilities as an Academic Representative in the Student Representative Council and Residential Captain. He also partook in several community engagement projects aimed at improving the lives of members of the local community in Mombasa through his creativity, activity, service endeavours. In addition, he was part of the school’s basketball team.

Having had a fruitful experience at AKA Mombasa, Ohad is now ready to take on the world.

“I have received immense support and had positive interactions at the Academy which have paved the way for my academic and personal growth,” Ohad stated. “The emphasis on values such as open-mindedness will be beneficial in the long run, especially as I move into a different community.”