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Nigel Tickner: Our new Head of Expressive Arts

01 September 2021

England-born Nigel Tickner will be joining the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa as the Head of Expressive Arts where he will also teach Drama and Theatre. He has over 30 years’ experience in international education and has worked in the United Kingdom, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Germany, Oman, India and Togo. Nigel holds a Bachelor of Education from West Sussex Institute of Higher Education, Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies from University of Manchester, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Shakespeare & Theatre from University of Birmingham.

As a drama and theatre teacher and enthusiast, Nigel hopes to work with students to direct enthralling productions of Shakespeare and Greek tragedy. Additionally, he is hoping to encourage students in the Diploma Programme to take Theatre.

“I would really like to direct Antigone by Sophocles and Henry V by Shakespeare because of the perfect Amphitheatre space,” Nigel said. “As an experienced Theatre teacher, I also believe it is my job to support students as they work on creative and interesting theatre projects, especially students at the Academy since they have a strong tradition of producing their own plays. In addition, I would like to encourage more students to study theatre and become involved in more productions.”

Nigel aims to support the mission and vision of the Academy by enabling a teaching and learning environment that develops students to be holistic and pluralistic and sets them up to be leaders and life-long learners. “I highly value action-centred student leadership and I encourage students to work collaboratively to attain their goals. It’s all about making things happen,” Nigel said.

Nigel’s favourite part about the Academy is the Amphitheatre, which he says has the potential to host engaging and memorable theatre performances given the beautiful space and its proximity to the audience.