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News from the Year One Open House

05 February 2011

The Academy held their annual Year 1 Open day on Friday 4th February. The event was well attended with about one hundred prospective parents and fifty children attending the event.

The Junior School students had organized a special assembly for the occasion, loosely based on the story of the Little Red Hen, but with a PYP slant. The students dressed up as chickens ducks and mice against a farmyard backdrop of rolling hills, cows, flowers and with a few turtles in the foreground to show that we were in Mombasa. The farmyard was complete with a wheel barrow overflowing with fresh manure. The children enacted the story, but being a PYP influenced farmyard there were many willing and principled helpers to plant the seeds, harvest the corn, take the flour to the mill, grind the flour, make the bread unlike the events of the original story. Of course there were also many willing volunteers to eat the produce at the end as well.

The parents were given a tour of the campus, whilst the children busied themselves in the classrooms, having a taster of Maths games, Art, IT, the Library and Music amongst others. The parents were then given an opportunity to learn more about the programmes at the Academy with presentations by Mr Rob Burrough (Head of the Academy), Les Wilkins (Principal of Junior School), Mr Nick Alchin ( Dean of Studies) and Mrs Pam Mokua (Student Support Services).

The event was brought to a close with refreshments in the Tamu balcony whilst learning more about the assessment process and providing an opportunity for parents to ask questions on a one on one basis

The assessment for the Year 1 intake commence on Monday 14th March 2011.