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News from the South African Swimming Championship

09 April 2009

Twelve students from the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa (Dzidze Muruu, Aika Patel, Raveena Mehta, Pauline Adhiambo, Jesal Chandi, Samuel Williams, Shivraj Vaghela, Joshua Williams, Alex Chia, Akshay Shah, Bhavik Mehta and Laurance Williams) were selected by CASA (Coast Amateur Swimming Association) to represent the coast province in the level one swimming championships in South Africa.

The CASA team did very well and were ranked 5th overall out of 35 teams which took part in the championships.

The championships were held at Newlands swimming pool, Cape Town from the March 28-30, 2009.

Some of the medal winners from the Academy were Samuel Williams, Akshay Shah, Alex Chia and Shivraj Vaghela, who managed to obtain more gold medals in the championships than any other swimmer in the team.

All in all, the swimmers broke their personal best times and made new times. They also gained a lot of experience swimming against the greats. It was an exposure they will never forget.

Congratulations to the team and our thanks to Coach Mohamed for the news and photos.